"Tehran Diary"

10 years ago I made a documentary film about my mother and her personal ordeal following my father's unsuccessful battle with cancer. I continued documenting her story through a project called Tehran Diary. Now, after a decade, through short videos, together we are reviewing what she went through:

Experimental, 15:18 min, 2013
Short experimental film, based on a story by Mahsa Aminolahi, received production support by the Family Affair Films and has been awarded funding by the Netherlands Film FundAway, has been selected for the Best Dutch Shorts 2014 by Eye International and was premiered during the "Netherlands FilmFestival" in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2014 
The film is available to watch on Vimeo:
Here is more about it: Final Edit - Colour Grading and VFX - Sound Shooting in Tehran - Shooting in the Netherlands 


Away tells the story of a young couple who move from Iran to the Netherlands. The woman tries to explore the new environment and adapt herself to it. However, the contrast between where they came from and where they now live, their isolation and being away from family and friends, made the woman dispirited and homesick. The memories and nostalgia for her country encourage the woman to abandon reality and instead to sleep and live in her dreams but a peculiar phenomenon threatens her life...

The project is partly pictures, partly film.


"My Mother, Parvin"
Documentary, Mini DV, 12 min, 2007
An observational documentary; a portrait of my mother in a specific period of her life; before and after my father passed away because of cancer. This film was made during my MA course in Royal Holloway, University of London. It was nominated at Royal Holloway Media Group for the Royal Television Society Awards, London, Uk.
Watch it on Vimeo:

Documentary, Mini DV, 3:43 min, 2007
An abstract and experimental documentary, was made as a memorial for my departed father. This documentary is based on images of a train trip, which are dissolved into my father's images over his life time. Concurrently, the narration of several people tells us their feelings of their own fathers. This film was selected for The UK's Channel 4's Four Docs.
Watch it on Vimeo:

Animation, Mini DV, 7 min, 2004
An animated comedy/live action, screened at: The Best of the Iranian Film Festival, De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010 
Iranian Film Festival, Defabriek, Zandaam, The Netherlands, 2009 
Yerevan Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, 2005 
KIN International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, 2005 
Tehran International Animation Film Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2004 
Tehran Short Film Festival, Tehran, Iran, 2004 
Cut won the jury prize for the best short film in the category of 1-20 minutes films in the 4th edition of Iranian Film Festival, Defabriek, Zaandam, The Netherlands, 2009  
It was my thesis for MA in Animation, University of Art, Tehran, Iran, 2004
Watch it on Vimeo:

"I Am HIV Positive"
Documentary, Mini DV, 27 min, 2007
An observational,investigative and poetic documentary. A story of two HIV positive women living in Tehran. Awarded the "One World Broadcasting Trust" Students Bursary, screened at Channel 4's cinema, London, October 2007. This film was my thesis for MA in Documentary by Practice, Royal Holloway, University of London.
Watch it on Vimeo: Part 1: - Part 2


"Kiosk, Global Zoo" 
Mini DV, 7 min, 2009
Music video for a music contest.
Watch it on Vimeo:


Film and Theatre Set Designs

"Monkey's palm", Short Experimental Film, Based on Still Pictures, Directed by Mostafa Ghaheri, Set Design by Parisa Aminolahi, Tehran, 2005

"Absolutely Quiet", Short Film, Directed by Pantea Mansouri, Set Design by Parisa Aminolahi, Tehran, 2006

"Someone's Got to Talk", Short Film, 
Directed by Farzad Kiafar, Set Design by Parisa Aminolahi, Tehran, 2005

Short Film Directed by Fariba Khanzadeh, Set Design by Parisa Aminolahi, Tehran, 2005

"Blood Knot", Written by Athol Fugard, Directed by Shahram Gil Abadi, Stage Design by Parisa Aminolahi, Molavi Theatre Hall, Tehran, 2000